CRISPR grant program application using nCOUNTER® PlexSet™ reagents

Looking for a better way to validate your CRISPR products?

Combine confirmation and functional testing in a single assay with PlexSet gene expression reagents.  No cDNA conversion or sample prep required–PlexSet enables direct detection from cell lysates.  Apply for the CRISPR grant by submitting an abstract below to win a 192 sample CRISPR validation project.

nCounter PlexSet reagents enable researchers to simultaneously confirm CRISPR hit validations and perform functional testing for up to 24 custom gene targets including mRNA, fusions, splice variants, off -targeted effects, and junctions for 96 samples in one run. To learn more about the PlexSet technology, visit

Think how you can accelerate your CRISPR research using the PlexSet technology.

Now Accepting Applications

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Grant Program

Now Accepting Applications

Grant Program Details

Don't have an nCounter system? Don't worry, your samples can be run at a participating NanoString core lab.

Application Deadline: 20 May 2017

Grant Recipient Notification: 24 May 2017

Winner Announcement: 1 June 2017

Description: Please submit the following:

Award: Five submissions will be awarded PlexSet reagents for up to 24 custom gene targets to profile 192 samples (value approx. $3,900). Winners will be responsible to buy their own 3-24 (value approx. $165-1320) oligo probes from any oligo provider. Winning submissions will be selected by NanoString in its sole discretion.

Award Shipment Date: This panel will be shipped in 2017.

Restrictions: MDs are not eligible to apply for this grant.

Terms & Conditions: By submitting your application, you agree that NanoString may use your name, abstract title, abstract and your submitted quote for marketing purposes. Additional Terms and Conditions may apply.

FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.